At Meadowlands Starz we pride ourselves on teaching proper technique and progression.  Athletes from cheer, dance, karate and many other sport disciplines can take tumbling classes at Meadowlands Athletic Center. 

All classes are by level to ensure athletes are working on the proper skills and fundamentals to learn and grow. Our staff is very knowledgeable in tumbling and very detail oriented. 

If you're interested in tumbling classes, please contact us to schedule an evaluation so we can tell you which classes to sign up for. 


Class Descriptions


Little Tumblers

The little tumblers class is for athletes ages 3-5. This class teaches tumbling, coordination, and balance while building confidence. Athletes will work through obstacle courses, tumbling drills and games for the 45 min class. 


Level 1/2

Level 1/2 is the beginner level class where athletes will harness the fundamentals of tumbling. It is a slow-paced class where athletes learn the basics such as: handstand, cartwheel, round-off, forward/back walkover, forward/backward roll, forward/back limber, and back handspring. When the athlete demonstrates mastery in these skills and can perform handspring series running and standing, they can advance to the level 2/3 class.


Level 2/3 

Level 2/3 is the intermediate level class where athletes will put the fundamentals of tumbling and apply them to more advanced skills. Athletes should have a solid back handspring to be in this class. This class is a higher pace than the 1/2 class and provides instruction towards perfecting back handsprings and learning back tuck technique. When the athlete demonstrates mastery in understanding back tuck technique, they will move onto the Level 3/4 class.

Level 3/4

Level 3/4 is the intermediate level class where athletes will put the fundamentals of tumbling into intricate combinations. This is a medium-paced class where athletes will learn combinations and new skills such as: back tuck, layout, punch-front, and combinations like round-off, back handspring, tuck. When the athlete demonstrates mastery of skills such as the layout they can move into the Level 4/5 class.


Level 4/5

Level 4/5 is the highest-level class that an athlete can participate in here at MAC. In this class, the athlete will learn twisting skills such as fulls, doubles, Arabians, and other advanced skills. This is a high-paced class where athletes will receive less spotting in comparison to the other classes. Athletes are expected to be able to do high level skills on their own such as back tucks, layouts, front tucks, and front handsprings.


Open Gym 

Open gym is a one hour session where anyone can come to work on any skill they want. The environment is open and relaxed, so the athlete does not feel pressured. We offer full range spotting from back walkovers to fulls.



We offer classes to High School, Recreational and Pop Warner cheerleading teams during the season! We will cater our classes to fit your team’s needs!


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available and can be scheduled directly with an instructor of your choice.


Team Clinics and Camps

We can provide any team with a personalized clinic based on the needs of each team. Whether it's stunting, tumbling, or jumping we can customize the clinic to best fit your team. Prices will vary depending on the length and type. Please contact Jersey to set up your team clinic today!


Class Schedule:

Session 3 (SPRING) s open for Registration and Begins 4/25/22 and anything that is registered after this week will be prorated.