Click here to sign up for a Tumbling Private Lesson

If you would like to schedule a Private Lesson with any of trained instructors, then click on the link above, You will be redirected to the scheduling page with the prices, dates and times available.  It’s all done online!


If you need to reschedule your private, just click on the link and log back into your account.



If you would like to schedule a STUNT Private Lesson with any of trained instructors, then please email ([email protected]) or call (973-246-8368) our office to schedule.



All scheduling must be done through the online link above or through the main office (@ [email protected]) of Meadowlands Athletic Center for any of the instructors coaching at MAC. If you have an existing relationship prior to the policy change in September, then that can continue as such. You may not contact a coach to set up outside of the gym as schedules are done in the office for floor space and other events.

We have strict policies in place to help our gym and classes run smoothly.

*All cancellations for private lessons need to be done 24 hours in advance. Cancellations made within 24 hours are subject to full price of lesson costs due to inconvenience. If your child is sick after 24 hours, you must contact us immediately and we will make sure to cancel the lesson.

Once there are two no shows within a 24 hour notice your child will be dropped from our private lesson program.

If you have an outstanding unpaid balance with the gym, you may not schedule private lessons until the balance is paid.

Stretching and working on basic skills at home will help your child progress. Our staff has been trained with the latest and most effective teaching methods. If you would like your child to progress faster, then they need to add a second day of tumbling. Tumbling two times a week whether it is in a class or private lessons will produce faster results with skills, stamina, and strength. Stretching and conditioning at home for 15 minutes a day is very beneficial.

We take your trust in our coaches and our program very seriously. Please remember that if your child fears a tumbling skill then it likely needs improvement in technique and more time for consistency. We do not recommend that you spot your child at home. They are taught without a spot 90% of the time and this method creates better results without a mental “dependence” on a spotter to perform their skills safely. Our coaches will always spot them if it is needed when they are learning a new skill. We will push your athletes to do their skills when they are ready! Trust the process and your athlete will soar with success and confidence.